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Tampa Bay Rhythmics has started a Rhythmic class specifically for home schoolers. Please call or inquire at the front desk for availability.

While rhythmic gymnastics is fascinating to watch, there more to it than meets the eye. Rhythmic builds physical abilities of strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, and endurance. The sport also enhances musical abilities of harmony and rhythm. Rhythmic Gymnastics not only establishes lifelong patterns of physical activity which promotes health and fitness, but also requires discipline, develops courage, poise, and grace, as well as, builds self-confidence-which are all transferable to other areas of life. Gymnasts learn to control their bodies and sharpen their minds. Rhythmic also encourages creativity, allowing the gymnasts to express herself in a unique and individualized way.

Since a lot of you dont check the different sections, I found a couple of things that might interest everyone. First is an Age Chart and another is an Apparatus Chart

To move with the airness of a butterfly,
The precision of a ballerina,
and the flexibility of an acrobat...
This is "Rhythmic Gymnastics"

813.741.2TBR (2827)
Coach: Tyana Marlowe

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