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Her Dreams Start Here!
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To move with the airness of a butterfly,
The precision of a ballerina,
and the flexibility of an acrobat...
This is "Rhythmic Gymnastics"

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Tampa Bay Rhythmics is proud of the media recognition we receive throughtout the years, above is just an example. Again we've been selected Best Business of Riverview Award (2016) in the Performing Arts category. This is the third consecutive year that we have been selected for this award! Thank you to our coaches, our talented gymnasts and our amazing families for your making this happen!

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    The core of Rhythmic Gymnastics is dance, our program offers a wide variety of dance techniques. Our program provides classes in everything from classical ballet to hip hop to contemptorary

  • Athlete Development

    Our team specializes in crafting beautiful movements that incorporate ballet and apparatus handling, creating stunningly graceful routines, individually designed to each gymnasts strengths.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmics is rapidly growing Olympic sport, the grace and beauty of these athletes are just stunning to watch. We help nurture the love for the sport and your daughter will have a great time while learning and exercising.

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