Tampa Bay Rhythmics Staff Page

Tampa Bay Rhythmics Staff

  • Tyana Marlowe

    Tyana Marlowe - Owner and Head Coach

    Tyana Marlowe is from European descent and has traveled extensively with her family activities and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Tyana has been involved with Rhythmic Gymnastics since 1978, starting as a gymnast (both individual and group) and progressed to an elite coach and international judge. Currently, Tyana is the flexibility coach for the French Olympic ice skating pairs team.

    She has served as the Florida state chairman, Maryland and North Dakota State director for USA gymnastics, where she created and developed rhythmic teams and coached Olympic level athletes. She is currently a judge evaluator and instructor and is serving on the USA Gymnastics rhythmic administrative committee. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Math education and a master’s degree in Physical Education specializing in Sport Psychology.

  • Pamela Tang

    Pamela Tang - Team Coach

    • TBR National Elite Ranked Rhythmic Gymnast
    • Multiple Time State and Regional Champion
    • 8 time Junior Olympian
    • Over 10 years rhythmic experience

  • Lucy Kerznerman

    Lucy Kerznerman - Team Coach

    • USA National Judge
    • Coach to Former USA National Team Members
    • Over 25 years experience coaching Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Begsi Vargas

    Begsi Vargas - Recreational Program Director

    • Recreational Program Director
    • International Judge
    • Over 30 years experience in Rhythmics

  • Donna

    Donna Kaye - Assistant Manager

    • TBR family for 5 years
    • 16 years experience as an Administrative Assistant at a preschool
    • Educational background - Paralegal degree

  • Mrs. Ruby

    Claudia Ruby- Ballet Teacher

  • Ms. Marum

    Marum Rosedale- Ballet Teacher